MG 025 - Municipal League of Harrisburg Collection

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Scope and Content

Collection consists of pamphlets, minute books, scrapbooks, and a membership register which encompasses the period of 1901-1947. Within these volumes, the specific types of records are minutes of the League's meetings, reports from landscapers, architects and other consultants to the many projects, letters, newspaper clippings and the ordinances which enabled the many changes brought about by the League.

The records are separated into two groups - Municipal League papers and Planning Committee papers. The 360-page note book of the Planning Committee of the Municipal League contains the business records of the Committee such as minutes of the meetings, reports from the committee to the League, and reports from the planner, Malcolm H. Dill, associate of E. S. Draper. Dill's reports to the committee are valuable for their recording of actual planning and work in progress during 1937-1946. A 125-page book by Dill published by the League is also included. It analyzes the planning factors and problems in Harrisburg and reports on the activities and studies that had been conducted from 1938-1940. It contains many photographs, maps and tables relating to specific areas in need of improvement.


The Municipal League of Harrisburg was permanently established on August 1, 1902. It was originally organized as the Harrisburg League for Civic Improvements on May 17, 1901. The League's purpose was to further the development and beautification of Harrisburg through programs involving a new high school and a parkway around the city as well as creating zoning laws and acquiring loans for improvements. On May 6, 1938, the Harrisburg Area Regional Planning Committee was formed as part of the League and became involved in public housing projects, capitol grounds extension, creation of parks/recreation (Reservoir Park and Farm Show grounds), and new bridge and bypass construction (State Street bridge and Lemoyne bottleneck improvements). Vance McCormick served as president of the Municipal League as well as chairman of the Regional Planning Committee, and J. Horace McFarland served as secretary of both the League and Planning Committee.

Date(s): 1901-1947

Extent: 3 boxes